Roberto Esposti

Nationality: Italian

DiSES - Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà" - UNIVPM
Piazzale Martelli, 8
60121 - Ancona - Italy

Phone: +39 071 220 7119
Personal homepage

Current position: Lecturer in Agricultural Economics
Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà" - UNIVPM - Ancona (Italy)
Other positions: Director, Interuniversity Center on Rural, Environmental, Economic Policies  

PhD in Forestry Economics
University of Trento (Italy)

Degree in Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Economics)
University of Ancona (Italy)


Research interests: Agricultural Technical Change
Rural Development
Applied Econometrics
Work experiences:

AGRIREG Database, EU Concerted Action

RUREMPLO, FAIR program: "Agriculture and the employment in the rural regions of the EU"

AG_MEMOD: "Agricultural sector in the member states and EU: econometric modelling for projections and analysis of EU polizie on agriculture, forestry and the environment"
Fifth Framework Research Programme, Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources

REAPBALK: "Rural employment and agricultural perspectives in the Balkan applicant countries"
Fifth framework Research Programme, Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources

WORLD BANK: "Sibenik-Knin and Zadan countries: framework for a Regional Development Vision", Croatia

IDEMA: "The impact of decoupling and modulation in the enlarged Union: a sectoral and farm level assessment"
Sitth Framework Programma, Policy Oriented Research

"Policy guidelines for regions falling under the new regional competitiveness and employment objective for the 2007-2013 period in the fields of the knowledge economy and the environment,
in line with the Lisbon and Gothernburg objectives"
Project funded by the EU Commission

AGMEMOD 2020: "Agricultural Member States Modelling with specific focus on Eastern EU Countries and Transition Economies"
Sixth Framework Programme - Policy Oriented Research

IPTS Tender: "Impact analysis of CAP reform on main agricultural commodities"
Directorate General of the European Commission

IPTS Tender: "Extension of the AGMEMOD model towards Turkey"
Directorate General of the European Commission (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies